Are you interested in having something custom screen printed at New Duds? GREAT! We would love to help you. On this page you’ll find some of the basic elements that make screen printing an amazing option for your project. We wanted to share the process with you to make your project easy and enjoyable.

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Check our out FAQs and Policies as well for more info.

T-shirts on press for Three Penny Taproom.

T-shirts on press for Three Penny Taproom.

Tshirts, tshirts, tshirts! (and other apparel)

We work with our distributors to offer the best and most economic apparel options on the market. We have catalogs with thousands of options to choose from, but don't be intimidated, we can narrow it down to our favorites if you let us know what you are looking for. 

Order Minimums

Minimums on apparel orders are 12 pieces per design. This could be half mens, half womens, or different colors and sizes as long as the print is exactly the same on all of them. Feel free to mix and match to get to the minimum order quantity. For more on our minimums and polices click here.

Print Placement and Sizing

We can print on the front, back, side, sleeve(s), shoulder, chest, and just about anywhere else! Let us know where you want your print located and we'll send you a digital mockup of how it will look on the garment. We can help you with print sizing and layout as well. Our max print size is about 15x15", possibly bigger depending on your total quantity and what the image looks like.

Fulfillment Services

We have an ongoing application for custom screen printing clients to have shipping fulfillment services through us at our location. Whether you are starting a new online store, or looking to shift to a new shipping model for an existing brand, we can work out fulfillment services that are right for you. With custom printing and shipping services all at our location, we can help streamline your online store business. Go to the Fulfillment Services page for more info and to apply.

Fundraising Opportunities

We offer non-profits, artists, and others the opportunity to create a fundraising page for your print project. We can help you create a deadline and take pre-orders up to that date. As long as you meet our minimum order of 12 shirts, we will then print your project for you. Go to the fundraising page for more information on this service.


Check our more information below about printing with us.

What exactly is screen printing?

Well, simply put, it’s printing through a screen! Screen printing is a way of decorating apparel and other surfaces by forcing ink through a prepared stencil made on a mesh surface that is printed onto the final product. Our inks are made to last and are heat cured onto garments. It all starts with a design, then a film positive, followed by some magic in the darkroom. Then voila, we have a stencil on a screen and we are ready to print!

How do you go from digital file to physical print?

When you send us a file, the first thing we do is assess the amount of colors in the design. If your design is red, blue and green, then each of those colors will be color separated by one of our staff and each made into its own screen. The more colors, the more screens. This helps us determine the cost of your job to make sure we are both on the same page. Then we isolate each color in the design, and print that part of the file in black on a transparent film.

Making the screens

With our separated films in hand, we turn to the dark room to make the screens themselves. This is much like a photo dark room with a similar process. Each film is placed on the light table with the screen on top of it. Our LED UV light source from below turns on and “burns” the image into the screen. The emulsion (pink stuff) you see on there is a light sensitive material, and when light hits it hardening occurs. The black in the film positive from your design blocks the light from the emulsion and stops it from hardening in those spots. When the lights turn off and the exposure is done, we take it to the sink to rinse out. Remember all those spots that were blocked by the black in your design? Since those didn’t harden they simply wash away leaving us with a stencil on a screen for each designated color.

Time to print!

Let’s load up the presses! Each screen is placed on one of the print heads on either our manual or automatic press. Our print team lines up each color to the next, otherwise known as registering a job. Once everything is perfectly lined up, we can tape off the registration marks and get your job running. After the print is made, our inks need heat to cure. The last step in the process is to put the shirts through a conveyor dryer. This will insure longevity in your print. The shirts roll through our 20 foot conveyor dryer at 850 degrees. Once they pop out the other side they are counted, folded, and boxed up. We can’t wait for you to see your product!

Are you ready to start your own custom print project?

Read through our FAQs and Policies to get a sense of everything, then head over to our Contact Page to send us your project information. We like to get your design file in a vector format (.ai .eps .pdf) but other types will work as well. If you are sending us a jpeg be sure it is sized at least 300 dpi.

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