New Duds Screen Printing and Illustration was started in 2008 by Torrey and Tessa, a husband and wife duo with a passion for print making and sewing. After two years of full time work post college they decided to take the plunge into self-employment. New Duds opened their doors to their first shop in January 2008 and have grown into a 7 person business. Meet our full-time staff! 

Torrey - Master Printer and Assistant to the Regional Manager

Torrey is the Co-owner and master printer at New Duds. He started his printmaking career in 2006 at the University of Vermont while getting his BFA. He has a passion for printmaking and loves to make your branding a merch reality. Chances are he is the one responding to all your emails and coordinating your order He is also the illustrator behind all of New Duds products! When not printing Torrey is a fan of local beer and food, outdoor adventures, family time, cooking, and growing vegetables. 

Follow him on Instagram @newduds.


Katie - Production Manager and Chief Environmental Officer

Katie Loesel is our Production Manager over here at New Duds. She makes sure all parts of our process run smoothly. She is the scheduling guru, managing the calendar and corresponding with customers. Besides printing, her specialities include laser sharp eyes and remembering where random objects are located in the shop. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from The Cleveland Institute of Art in Cleveland, Ohio and a Certificate in Museum Studies from Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. She is also a sailor, crafter, gardener, hiker, cyclist, and lover of local food and drink. Katie is an artist and tends to make prints, drawings, and installations. When not at New Duds, she teaches printmaking at Burlington City Arts and Champlain College. Check out her artwork and prints for sale!

Follow her art and happenings on Instagram @katieloesel.


Aaron - Production Assistant and Resident Giggler

Aaron David is also a Production Assistant out on the floor. His main duties focus on printing customer orders, but he is always assisting with other tasks around the shop. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking and Neon Glass Bending from The University of Wisconsin-Madison. While in school Aaron felt most at home while he was screen printing or bending glass in the Neon studio. Feeling that he has taken on the role of an Observer, Aaron's work speaks to the mental and emotional strain of mourning and realization. All of Aaron's most recent work can be viewed on his portfolio website.

Follow his art and happenings on Instagram @aarbear_david




Tessa - President/Wholesale product manager/Foliage handbag maker

Tessa is the Co-owner of New Duds. She is currently the wholesale line manager and keeps the New Duds product line running smoothly. From coordinating photo shoots to fiddling on Etsy, she get it done. Tessa is also the brains and brawn behind Foliage Handbags, a line of hand crafted bags. Originally from upstate NY, she fell in love with Vermont and Torrey while studying and running at UVM. She has a deep love for fabric, questioning everything, running, finishing tasks, delicious food, and her family. 

Follow her on Instagram @foliagevt and @runtessa


Leanne - Production Assistant and Chief THATSWHATSHESAIDER

Leanne Shunney is the Production Assistant at New Duds. She helps with a little bit of everything, from printing and prepping screens to packing up our customer orders. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from Parsons The New School for Design. Leanne is an illustrator that specializes in drawing, watercolor, screen printing, and intaglio etching. Her work is often centered around people and nature - including flowers, produce, animals, and an abundance of sea life. Her full range of work can also be seen on her portfolio website. During the summer she sells her work at the local artist market, which can also be purchased on her Etsy.

Follow her art and happenings on Instagram @leanneshunney.



New Duds moved to Winooski, a tiny city with a long ago history of textiles, in January 2014.

We are located in Winooski Vermont at the tippy top of Weaver Street. Come on by and check us out, or do a little shopping!

We are located at 450 Weaver Street, Suite 11 in Winooski Vermont.

Open Shop Hours: M-F 9:00-4:00  

Reach us at:    802.310.6803
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