Whether you are starting a new online store, or looking to shift to a new shipping model for an existing brand, we can work out fulfillment services that are right for you. With custom printing and shipping services all at our location, we can help streamline your online store business.

We offer fulfillment services for screen printing clients who want us to ship printed products from their online store. You would place a custom printing order, with a minimum order per design, and then we can warehouse the shirts at our location and provide shipping services for you. You would have your own online store that is linked to our shipping software, so orders would come in directly to us. If you need us to setup the online store for you, that is a service we can provide for a fee.

Storage fees, shipping fees, and pick and pack fees apply. We would create a Third Party Logistics Agreement Contract with you that is customized to your online store.

If you are interested in applying for Fulfillment Services, please provide us with some information about your project and we will be in touch!

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Please give us as much information as you can on your project. Is it new? Or do you have a store already established that you want to shift to our fulfillment services? Do you also need to place a custom print order?
If your store exists, how many sales do you have per month?