How can I contact someone?
You can fill out our contact form for custom printing inquiries or send an email to .

Where are you located?
We have moved as of January 2019! Our new physical shop is located at 382 Hercules Drive, Suite 4, Colchester VT 05446.

Can I visit your shop/studio?
We are usually available Monday - Friday 9 am - 4 pm. We are happy to have you come shop for New Duds products and Vermont gifts or chat about a custom print job and see samples of our work.  Once in a while we are all out of the shop so feel free to call or email ahead to make sure we are available. / 802-489-5128

Common Custom printing FAQ can be found on our Apparel Printing page

What exactly is screen printing?

Well, simply put, it’s printing through a screen! Screen printing is a way of decorating apparel and other surfaces by forcing ink through a prepared stencil made on a mesh surface that is printed onto the final product. Our inks are made to last and are heat cured onto garments. It all starts with a design, then a film positive, followed by some magic in the darkroom. Then voila, we have a stencil on a screen and we are ready to print!

When you send us a file, the first thing we do is assess the amount of colors in the design. If your design is red, blue and green, then each of those colors will be color separated by one of our staff and each made into its own screen. The more colors, the more screens. This helps us determine the cost of your job to make sure we are both on the same page. Then we isolate each color in the design, and print that part of the file in black on a transparent film.

Making the screens

With our separated films in hand, we turn to the dark room to make the screens themselves. This is much like a photo dark room with a similar process. Each film is placed on the light table with the screen on top of it. Our LED UV light source from below turns on and “burns” the image into the screen. The emulsion (pink stuff) you see on there is a light sensitive material, and when light hits it hardening occurs. The black in the film positive from your design blocks the light from the emulsion and stops it from hardening in those spots. When the lights turn off and the exposure is done, we take it to the sink to rinse out. Remember all those spots that were blocked by the black in your design? Since those didn’t harden they simply wash away leaving us with a stencil on a screen for each designated color.

Time to print!

Let’s load up the presses! Each screen is placed on one of the print heads on either our manual or automatic press. Our print team lines up each color to the next, otherwise known as registering a job. Once everything is perfectly lined up, we can tape off the registration marks and get your job running. After the print is made, our inks need heat to cure. The last step in the process is to put the shirts through a conveyor dryer. This will insure longevity in your print. The shirts roll through our 20 foot conveyor dryer at 850 degrees. Once they pop out the other side they are counted, folded, and boxed up. We can’t wait for you to see your product!

Common Questions about our own products:

Do you do wholesale?
Yes we do! Several of our most popular designs, including Vermont gifts, are also available as wholesale items. Send an email to hello[at]newduds[dot]net for more information, we can send you our linesheet. We have a minimum order of $200.

How do I return or exchange something I purchased from New Duds?
Please send back the tee with a note on what you would like instead or your reason for return as well as your contact info. Once you ship the product to us, we will cover the shipping back to you. A simple envelope, shipped USPS, is usually the most economic option. You may also return our products for a full refund (minus shipping charges). Please make sure exchanges and returned garments are unwashed, and all other products are in their original packaging.
Ship to: New Duds, 382 Hercules Drive, Suite 4, Colchester VT 05446.

Can you teach me to screen print?
We have considered doing a class in the winter months, but do not currently have enough time to make it happen. Our employees teach printmaking classes at Burlington City Arts

Are you Hiring?

We often get emails and calls wondering if we have any positions available. Click the JOBS tab at the bottom of our website to see what is available. Screen printing (in Vermont) is a seasonal business and while we do stay busy year round, we like to have talented people on call for when business gets bumping. If you are interested in being considered for a position please send a resume and cover letter to and we'll keep you on file!