How can I contact someone?
You can fill out our contact form for custom printing inquiries or send an email to hello[at]newduds[dot]net.

Where are you located?
Our physical shop is located at 450 Weaver Street, Suite 11, Winooski Vermont, 05404.

Can I visit your shop/studio?
We are usually available Monday - Friday 9 am - 4 pm for customers who what to shop for New Duds products. We are also available for custom print clients who want to see sample garments we offer sample or talk in person. It is usually best to be in touch before you make a special trip, as we might be out for an occasional meeting or hardware store run! Send an email to hello[at]newduds[dot]net.

What type of file should I send you?
When you send us a design, Adobe Illustrator is our preferred format. Don't fret if your file is different - send it over! Always send the largest and best quality file you have, for example 300 dpi for a JPEG file. If your design idea is only in your head or sketched on a napkin, send that over too! Be as detailed as possible in your description, send a phone photo of your sketch. We can help you make a mockup from the information you have. If your design is not in its final format, design charges may apply.

Can you make a design for me?
Yes, most of the time we are able to help you with your design. Torrey also does custom illustration work and we have super talented design friends we can recommend if we can't fit it in.

How do I return or exchange something I purchased from New Duds?
We gladly accept exchanges for size issues on our New Duds line of clothing. Please send back the tee with a note on what you would like instead or your reason for return as well as your contact info. Once you ship the product to us, we will cover the shipping back to you. A simple envelope, shipped USPS, is usually the most economic option. You may also return our products for a full refund (minus shipping charges). Please make sure exchanges and returned garments are unwashed, and all other products are in their original packaging.
Ship to: New Duds, 450 Weaver Street, Suite 11, Winooski VT 05404. 

Where are your shirts made?
For our New Duds line of clothing we strive to choose products that are made in the USA whenever possible. 
For our custom printing clients, we offer a variety of products at different price points. Some of the brands are made in the USA, some are not. Most of our favorite products have social responsibility policies on their websites and we are happy to provide that information and transparency when possible.

How long will it take to complete my custom print order?
Once our correspondence is complete and you approve your final invoice, we usually have about a 2 week turnaround for custom orders. Certain times of the year we are very busy and will let you know if that changes. If you have a rush job or a specific in hands date, please be in touch because we usually have some flexibility in the schedule to fit you in.

Can you print on ....... ?
Yes! Probably? Ask and we can let you know! We have printed on t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, and all types of apparel - we have a wide variety of sources for garments. We also have printed on paper, tablecloths, wood, glassware, skateboards, walls, koozies, coasters, etc.

What is the minimum order?
We have a minimum order of 12 for t-shirts and other garments, 50 for posters (this can be flexible depending on the design).

I want to make shirts for a fundraiser, can people pre-order their sizes?
Yes! We can make you a pre-order page with a specific link for folks to order shirts up until a deadline that you set, so that you can take money in advance for your shirts. If you are interested in creating a fundraiser, please read more info here.

Do you do wholesale?
Yes we do! Several of our most popular designs are also available as wholesale items. Send an email to hello[at]newduds[dot]net for more information, and let us know what design you have in mind. We have a minimum order of $200.

How much does it cost to print a shirt?
The cost of printing your unique job will depend on several specific factors (see here for more information on what goes into printing). The number of colors, locations, total items to print, and which garments you choose all factor into the price. The best way to figure it out is to give us as many details you can on your project by filling out our online form. 

Do you do digital printing?
No, sorry we do not do any digital printing at our shop, only screen printing.

Do you do embroidery?
Yes we do. Certain hats, jackets, and some other garments don't lend themselves well to screen printing. If this is the case for your project we would recommend embroidery.

What is screen printing?
Screen printing is a way of decorating apparel and other surfaces by forcing ink through a prepared stencil made on a mesh surface that is printed onto the final product. Our inks are made to last and are heat cured onto garments. It all starts with a design, then a film positive, followed by some magic in the darkroom. Then viola, we have a stencil on a screen and we are ready to print! More information can be found here.

Can you teach me to screen print?
We have considered doing a class in the winter months, but do not currently have enough time to make it happen. Our employees teach printmaking classes at Burlington City Arts

Are you Hiring?

We often get emails and calls wondering if we have any positions available. Currently we are fully staffed and not looking, but when we get busy, we get BUSY! Screen printing (in Vermont) is a seasonal business and while we do stay busy year round, we like to have talented people on call for when business gets crazy. If you are interested in being considered for a position please send a resume and cover letter to and we'll keep you on file!